Betting guides

Where there is sport there is excitement, hopes and expectations. Sport is passion, but it is also a major industry, where betting on sports is becoming an integral part of the sports we love and follow.

Basically when ever there is sport there will be people feeling thrilled and enthusiastic about the coming match and the outcome. They might even feel so sure about themselves that they want to predict the results.

Betting has become a part of sport and it’s been so for ages. Think about the chariot races in the Roman Empire, Mahjong games in ancient China as well as dueling in the Americas. Betting has been with us forever and it’s all over the world. But what exactly is betting?

Here is a short introduction to sports betting.


We have all been looking at the odds of a game thinking ‘wow, these odds are too good to be true’.

For many new to betting decimal odds are the easiest to understand. That is because it’s easy to calculate you possible winnings from decimal odds.

In Great Britain bettors and bookies use fractional odds to put a value on the chance of a event.

In USA odds are calculated as Money-line. This can be very confusing as there are both negative and positive values.

As covered in former chapter we now know how odds are calculated and in this chapter we will look at how they are displayed at the bookies.

Now that we have covered the basics of how odds are assigned by bookmakers we take a look at the payback percentage and how the bookies calculate odds to make a profit.

To be a successful bettor and make money with betting on sports it’s important to know the basics of sports betting. We will present you with a small guide that explains the most fundamentals of b