Bet today on Wales to finish in top 2 of the group

Nick Barends13.06.2016

Wales has started the European Championship with a good win over Slovakia (2-1). Now they have to take on England and that will be a lot harder. These two countries have met each other much more often and usually the English side wins. In total they have played 101 matches against each other where England has won 66, Wales has won 14 and 21 times it ended in a draw. I don't expect much else this time around and so do the bookies, so a bet on either of the teams doesn't seem like a good idea.

Bet on Wales Top 2 Finish for 1.55

What might be much more interesting is a bet on Wales to finish in top 2 of the group. This is NOT a qualification bet, because odds for that are much lower. Search for a top 2 finish instead of qualification. Wales has already beaten Slovakia and if they manage to win from either England or Russia they will be in second spot at least. That's what makes this such an interesting bet. They might not win against England, but Russia should be doable at least.

At the time of writing this the odds for Wales to finish in the top 2 is 1.50 or 1.55 with most bookies and those certainly are decent odds. If you think that Wales could beat Russia, then this is a good moment to place your bet before the games between Russia and Slovakia are played, because that might hugely upset the odds again!

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