Betting markets for Euro 2016 Players

Thomas Paulsen19.02.2016

Every second year is a finals year, and as the calendar turned into 2016 we are entering a year with a UEFA European football finals. In many ways it’s a record Euro Championship in football, as 2016 will have more games than any other European Championship. And with the more games, the bookies also offer even more odds and betting options for the 2016 Euro. 

Spain had only just lifted the 2012 Euro trophy before the odds for the 2016 winner of the UEFA European Championship was announced. In the beginning Spain was the bookies favourites, but the German World Cup triumph in 2014 put Germany on top of the bookmakers list of favourites. Since then we have even seen the 2016 hosts France, who has had very good results in their pre-euro games, get above Spain in the rankings, and they currently sit in second position as favourites to win, which might be a good choice for wagering on the Euro 2016 in France.

The current top five as outright winner for Euro 2016 (Odds a recorded mid-january – check your bookmaker for the updated odds)

  1. Germany – odds 4.40
  2. France – odds 4.50
  3. Spain – odds 6.50
  4. Belgium – odds 13.00
  5. England – odds 13.00

Wagering options for Euro 2016

Besides the most popular pre-tournament outright bets on the winner of the 2016 Euro Championship the bookies also offers plenty of other betting markets. We have taken a look at a few interesting ways you can wager on players who will participate in the Euro finals in France.

Euro 2016 Top goalscorer

Outright market on who will become the most scoring player for the 2016 Euro Finals. This one can be hard to predict, but obviously you should look to a player from a team, which is posed to make it for the later rounds of the tournament. In the Euro 2012 a total of six players shared the title, and this is the current front runners for the 2016 Euro topscorer title.

  1. Thomas Müller (odds 9.00)
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo (odds 10.00)
  3. Karim Benzema (odds 14.00) 

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Winner/Top Goalscorer

This betting market is quite interesting. It’s a type of scorecast betting, where you predict two outcomes – the winner of the tournament and the top goalscorer. As you can see from the list below, the player has to come from the same nation that wins the tournament, so here are a few interesting combinations:

  1. Germany / Thomas Müller (odds 17.00)
  2. France / Karim Benzema (odds 26.00)
  3. France / Anthony Martial (odds 34.00) 

Topscorer for the team

Another interesting pre-tournament player bet is on who becomes a nations topscorer. So here you have to pick who becomes the most scoring player for a single nation – for England we have Wayne Rooney (4.00), Harry Kane (odds 5.00), or perhaps Jaime Vardy (odds 5.00) as topscorer. Here are the favourites for the British participants:

  • Kyle Laferty as Nothern Ireland Topscorer (odds 2.75)
  • Jonathan Walters as Irish Topscorer (4.00)
  • Gareth Bale as Welsh Topscorer (2.25)