The biggest derby in Premier League

Nick Barends08.09.2016

Matchday 4 of the Premier League is coming this weekend and it holds one of the biggest games in the competition; Man United is facing City at home this Saturday afternoon.

Three practice matches before this

Neither of the teams have really been tested in the previous three matches they have played. Manchester United has won against Bournemouth (3-1), Southampton (2-0) and Hull City (0-1). This should have given them plenty of time to get into the game again and prepare them for this match against Manchester City.

City have won their first three matches of the season as well. They have beaten Sunderland (2-1), Stoke City (1-4) and West Ham (3-1). At the moment they are at the top of the table on goals. This is their first true test of the season, so it will definitely be an interesting match.

Betting on the match

The odds on this game are very high at all bookmakers and you can make a decent profit betting on it this weekend. United is the favourite for the game, they have the home advantage afterall, and they are at odds of 2.30 to win. City is at 3.30 to win and a draw is set at 3.25. These odds are fantastic and really warrant a good bet on this derby.

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Betting at Bet365

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