Great value bet in German Bundesliga

Nick Barends08.04.2016

We have a few nice games waiting for us in the Premier League this weekend. Tottenham Hotspur is playing home against Manchester United. The Spurs have to win to stay close to Leicester who are already 7 points ahead of them. United needs to win to still have a chance for the 4th position to get into the Champions League next season. This is promising to be a good mathc. Leicester is up against Sunderland who haven't lost in the past 4 weeks. West Ham is playing Arsenal which is a good game between the numbers 3 and 6. Can Arsenal close the gap with Leicester?

Classic match in Italy

Before we get to the value bet we want to point out another good game this weekend in Italy. AC Milan is playing against Juventus and these are still two of the biggest clubs in Italy. AC Milan isn't what it used to be, but this is still promising to be a good game.

The value bet is in German Bundesliga

The absolute best bet this weekend is in the German Bundesliga. Werder Bremen is up against relegationteam Augsburg and the bookies are giving odds of around 2.1 for a win by Bremen. Bremen was 2-0 ahead against Dortmund last week and almost managed to beat them. Playing home against Augsburg they are going to have a much easier game and I expect an easy victory for Bremen. Bookmaker NetBet still gives 2.15 for a win and is the place to bet!