Flashy, cartoon like pictures and red hot betting banners are ready to greet you when you first enter the online betting universe of Betsafe. Only established in 2006 the bookmaker Betsafe, which belongs to the Scandinavian bookmaker powerhouse Betsson, is still a rather new player on the betting market. Unlike their name Betsafe is actually quite wild – or at least that’s the image they are promoting. Betting is safe, but the experience of Betsafe should give you some extra thrills. Betsafe is the wild boy on the betting playground – so let’s have a look at how that comes to show…

Easy to use betting selection

The experience of the sportsbook on betsafe,com reflects the image that Betsafe wants to build. It’s flashy, entertaining, and wild. Betsafe’s visual affects a side, it gets the job done, and with more than 30 different sports to choose from and a great usability for both beginners and experienced punters – it’s worth a bet. Only downside to a flashy site like this is it’s response time, which suffers a bit if you are on a slow connection or old computer. But with the popular sports like football, tennis, basketball, cycling and golf Betsafes sportsbook covers the need of any average punters wish for betting options. 

Red Hot Betting Offers

Betsafe offers some, as they call them, red hot betting offers. One of these is a special 25 €/£ free bet bonus on your first deposit, if you make a deposit of 50 €/£ or more. Betsafe also runs an attractive Combi-bet insurance up to 50 € a week if you only loose one selection on a bet slip with 5 games. In general Betsafe has many thrilling bonus offers – especially on the more adrenalines based sports such as Formula 1, Ice hockey and NFL – but also plenty of betting bonuses for football bettors. 

Feel safe betting with mobile app

Betsafe has turned down the flash a bit on the mobile betting app, so if you want to bet on cycling with iPhone, android or tablet it doesn’t take up all of your power in one click. The usability is straight forward with the most popular, often football, betting selection on first page along with the current livestream and live bets. For betting on football and all other sports on Betsafes mobile app you’ll only need two clicks. Betsafes mobile odds selection is just as vast as their online sportsbook. Betting on mobile with Betsafe is an easy straight forward experience – nothing but safe betting! 

Thin selection of payment methods

Betsafe selection of payment methods is quite limited compared to other bookies on the sports betting market. They have the most popular credit cards: Visa and Mastercard, and prepaid cards like Entropay and Paysafecard as well as money transfer systems Neteller and Skrill/Moneybookers. But one major player is missing – PayPal – so if you prefer to use PayPal, we suggest you look for another bookmaker to deposit money to. For Credit card money transfer be aware that Visa and Mastercard charge a 2.5 % fee.

24/7 costumer service in 9 countries

Betsafes background from the Scandinavian bookie Betsson shines through in it’s selection of languages as well as sports betting options. Finish, Norwegian and Swedish are all options as well a three different kinds of German (Austrian, Swiss and German), Polish and Latvian. For Denmark they have their own site: The bets offered are also taking a European, Northern approach with betting options on sports such as a Finish style of Baseball called Pesäpallo, lots of Winter Sports and Handball. They also have a very good costumer service for each country – most of them 24/7 and all of them through e-mail, live chat and free telephone.  All in all it’s a EU centered bookie, and thus the service and betting selection is mainly for Europeans. 

Betsafe is the wild kid on the betting block

Don’t be fooled by the name! Betsafe is trying hard to give you all the thrills of sports betting by delivering an exciting online betting universe worthy of a Hollywood movie. Flashy and attractive promotions can get you hooked on betsafe, and a major plus is their focus on delivering excellent costumer service. The relatively young bookmaker offers betting on 30+ sports and plenty of bets on the popular sports such as football, tennis and golf, and their payment selection is also mostly tailored to their European costumers. All in all a thrilling betting experience in a safe environment.