European Football Championship 2016

Betting on Euro 2016 Finals

All football and betting fans look ahead for the 2016 UEFA Euro Finals in football. With a total of 24 nations you will see plenty of opportunities to place a bet on the Euro 2016 in France. In this article we cover the most important aspects of betting on the European Championship in football and give you an overview of what to look for in regards to odds and bonuses for the 2016 Euro Finals.

June is the time for all of Europe’s football fans to come together for the European Championship 2016 in France. Like all other major sports events, football fans will have more than plenty of opportunities to place a bet on the Euro 2016 finals. On sports-bookies we have gathered all the most necessary info you need to open a bookmaker account, get a betting bonus, find your Euro Finals bets and earn money from you football knowledge.

Betting with a bonus on Euro 2016 Finals

A good start to your betting efforts for the Euro finals is to find a good promo from your preferred bookie. Already long before the Euro Qualifications were over and the teams decided, the bookies were offering free promos for betting on Euro 2016 games. Odds boost, cash-back and combi-bet bonuses are just a few of the bookmakers many offers for football fans who placed a bet on the Euro 2016 qualifiers.

For the Euro Championship you can be sure that bookmakers will have betting bonuses and promos for all the top football games. So if you plan on betting on the 2016 Euro Football final in France then check out sports-bookies for the most intriguing betting promos from the top bookies.

Odds on Euro Championship 2016

Just like the number of participants in the 2016 Euro Finals is expanding, so will the number of odds and betting markets. A European Final in Football is like Christmas Eve for both sports fans and bookmakers. So whichever bookmaker you choose to sign-up with, you are sure to find more bets than you can ever imagine. For football fans new to betting you’ll find plenty of the 1 X 2 bets as well as the popular over/under markets. Experienced bettors will look forward to live betting on Euro 2016 Finals as well as the placing Asian Handicap bets. In our bookmaker review you can get an overview of which are the best bookmakers for placing a bet on Euro 2016.

Sign-up bonus for the Euro Finals

A good start to your betting efforts for the Euro Finals will be to find a new bookmaker and take advantage of one of their many sign-up bonuses. Practically every bookmaker has a betting bonus to new costumers, and the Euro 2016 finals is an excellent occasion to try a new bookie and get a free start bonus. In our overview of betting bonuses you will find the best bookies and the best sign-up promos at the moment.

New Tournament structure in Euro 2016

When you look at the betting program for the 2016 Euro Finals you might find some easier match-ups than you are used to. This is because the structure of the championship finals have changed. In the 2012 Euro Finals there were a total of 16 teams in France in 2016 there will be 24 teams competing for the title as European Champions.

The 24 national teams will be divided into six groups of four teams each. The two best teams from each group advance along with the four best third-placed teams. These team plays in the round of 16 which is the beginning of the knock-out phase in the 2016 Euro Championship. It will all end with the 2016 Euro Final on July 10th on Stade-de-France.

Despite skipping the third place-game the 2016 Final will bring quite a lot more games than in 2012. In Ukraine and Poland there was a total of 31 games, but in the 2016 European Championship we get spoiled with no less than 51 international top games. So there are plenty of good reasons to open a bookmaker account and set your bets online on Euro 2016.

EURO 2020 – Jubilee year for Euro Championship

The European Championship origin dates back to 1960, which makes the 2020 Euro Finals a nice 60th year anniversary for the most prestigious international football tournament in Europe. The first final only had four participants and the final was a game of the two former-nations Soviet and Yugoslavia, with the former winning by 2-1. These nations no longer exist, but plenty of other nations will be involved in the Euro 2020 finals. UEFA has decided spread the finals out on a total of 13 different major European cities. The Final of the 2020 Euro will be held on Wembley, London.